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Our Packages


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Frequently asked questions

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How long does it take for a website to be built?2023-02-13T09:38:01+00:00

Most projects are completed between 3-8 weeks depending on the size, scope, and your availability for communication and feedback.

Each project is different, so we’ll provide you with an estimated timeline after our first call, and a detailed timeline breakdown inside of your proposal.

Throughout the project you’ll receive a weekly update on the project’s status, including any adjustments to the schedule, to ensure you’re always aware of the status of your project.

How much does a website cost?2023-03-05T18:41:30+00:00

Our pricing is determined by a combination of factors such as project complexity, overall scope, deadlines and specific deliverables. Each project is quoted individually to cater to unique needs.

Several factors including page count, number of third-party integrations, number of custom page designs needed, and whether or not web copy or professional photography will be needed come into play when providing a website quote. We can provide an estimated or “ballpark” price after our initial consultation, however, a more detailed quote can only be given after a comprehensive project discovery call. We make every effort to provide an accurate quote that takes into account all the necessary elements for a successful project.

It’s natural, however, to need to make changes to the scope or deliverables after the project is underway. We have a change request process in place for any adjustments to the scope or deliverables of the project. Any modifications to the quoted price will be communicated and agreed upon before proceeding with the work.

To give you some sense of our pricing, our project minimum for custom website design & development projects is $3,500 and our average project price is $5,500.

Our ongoing maintenance plans come at three price points; $49.99/mo, $99/mo, and $179/mo depending on your needs.

Real-life results

We generate results for our customers

“I would highly recommend Lindsey and Swink Creative Solutions! She did a fantastic job creating our website and helping us to design a new logo too. Our customers have given us great feedback on the website and the ease of navigating it. Lindsey was easy to work with and is easy to contact when changes need made which she completes quickly.”

Jolene Ritterbush, South Central Sanitation

“Swink Creative Solutions has been a great support for my business. Lindsey really helped on the technical and creative side of assisting me in upgrading my website, with social media and advertising. And she makes it easy and workable for me!”

Marie de Martinez

“Lindsey is so creative! She built our website many years ago and created a new logo for our business at that time. We love it! She has helped me keep it up to date and made changes when they needed to be done. Lindsey gets things done in a timely manner and is always pleasant to talk to. I would highly recommend Lindsey to get the job done!”

Angie Nelson

“I am so impressed with Swink Creative Solutions! I have worked with Lindsey at her company for several years and she is very talented. No matter what type of project I am working on, she does a great job. I would highly recommend Swink Creative Solutions!”

Tammy Morris

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