Aside from our service fees, there will be additional costs such as domain name registration and hosting. There may also be additional costs involved depending on your project, but we’ll make all of these clear to you at the start.

Another reason we love WordPress is that it’s free, open-source software which helps to minimize costs.

Domain costs are generally around $20-$40 per year, and hosting can range from $49 up to $179 per month, and sometimes higher. Hosting costs can vary due to various factors, the main being if your website is stored on a shared or private server, which has a huge impact on site security and speed. We’ll talk you through this in more detail, and all of the options for you.

I also recommend custom emails, such as, and using an email client such as Google Workspace or Office 365

Our hosting and care plans include access to our agency-level license fees for premium design and speed optimization for your website, so if you choose to both host and maintain your website yourself you may need to purchase your own license for these. During your handover and training session, we will explain these to you in more detail.