‘Take Root’

Brand Essentials Package

59% of people will choose to do business with a company over one of its competitors based on good design, and 45% have even paid more for a product or service with good design.

Don’t lose business to the competition. With our ‘Take Root’ Brand Essentials Package, you’ll stand out with a professional brand that matches the quality of your products or services.

A laptop and a tablet displaying a website for a farm.

Perfect for small businesses looking to rebrand their business or
build a new brand from scratch, this package includes:

  • 1-Hour Strategy Session

    Start with a 1-Hour Strategy Session to gather the right information and lay the groundwork for your brand. We take an in-depth look at your business, audience, and competition and create a brand that’s designed for success.

  • Logo Design

    Transform your business into a memorable and visually captivating representation of your brand with a custom logo. This exclusive package includes two initial logo concepts and three rounds of revisions, ensuring the perfect logo design tailored to your needs, accompanied by a complete file suite.

  • Brand Color Palette

    Using color can enhance brand recognition by up to 80%, playing a crucial role in differentiating your brand from competitors. We provide a brand color palette that is easily identifiable, complete with color code breakdowns, ensuring consistent branding across various platforms.

  • Business Cards

    Receive a print-ready business card design for you and each member of your team to start growing brand awareness and building connections.

  • Social Media Profile and Cover Graphics

    Ensure your brand is consistent across all social platforms with a custom profile and cover image for Facebook

  • Social Media Launch Kit

    Promote your new brand on social media! You’ll receive three custom social media templates using Canva to launch your new brand. Canva is an easy-to-use online design tool.

  • One Flat Sheet Sales/Promotion Flyer

    A one-sheet Sales/Promotions Flyer is a single-page, evergreen marketing tool. Send your one-sheet to a prospect via email or print and use it as a leave-behind after a sales meeting. You’ll receive a one-sheet that’s on-brand complete with custom copywriting that emphasizes your business’s value.

Like a tree, your business needs to…

Establish Roots. Branch Out. Stay Strong.